Lip Wax


Upper lip waxing might not be the trendiest of waxes but small, regular treatments like this, that clients need to return for every few weeks, form the backbone of a successful beauty business. Here’s how to sell the benefits of upper lip waxing to new clients:

  1. Upper lip waxing is a very quick facial hair removal treatment and the result can last for up to a month. It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and you’re left with smooth, hair-free skin at the end.
  2. The gentle wax formulation will remove the hair from the root and the mild blend of ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin, unlike other products like hair removal cream that has to sit on the surface of the skin for a sustained period and can lead to irritation and redness.
  3. There is some slight discomfort when the wax strip is pulled away from the skin but this is momentary and the pain quickly subsides. Also all the hair is removed in one quick motion unlike threading, which can take longer to complete because it targets individual hairs.
  4. When the hair reappears (up to a month later) it will feel much finer because the entire strand has had to grow again from the follicle — the tapered tip of the hair will feel thinner than, for example, stubbly regrowth after shaving.
  5. If you wax your upper lip regularly it will become less painful because you’ll be targeting the hairs at different stages of growth.
  • Service Name Lip Wax
  • Price £ 6
  • Time 10 minutes
  • Discount 0 %