Armpit Wax


For many women, removing hair from the underarm area is part of the daily routine with shaving a common choice here.  While shaving your underarm area can help keep it looking beautifully clean and clear, it doesn’t remove hair from the root and can even stimulate hair growth in the armpit, meaning more regular treatment is needed.  Shaving can also cause irritation to the underarm area and in some instances leave a stubble like effect that can sometimes be noticeable.  This leads to many woman seeking an alternative to shaving with waxing now becoming one of the most popular ways to look after your underarm area.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.  New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks and almost every area of the body can be waxed.  When getting your underarm area waxed, regular waxing reduces the growth rate of hairs in between treatment sessions, something alternatives like shaving aren’t able to do.

Why should you get your underarm waxed?

The hairs under your arm can be very noticeable even when short particularly if you have darker hairs growing in that area.  This means regular treatment and maintenance of the area is needed and waxing helps to increase the time needed between each treatment session.

When should you wax your underarm?

There are a number of reasons that you may wish to start waxing your underarm area with the most common including:

Reduce the need for shaving: Shaving of the underarm is a much more frequent treatment for underarm hair problems.  Time is the biggest benefit to use waxing over shaving although the end result is also a much better one.  You should aim to wax your underarm area every 2 – 4 weeks depending on the growth rate of your hair.  Shaving on the other hand can be a daily task for many,

Totally remove underarm hair: Waxing will totally remove your underarm hair, pulling it out by the root.  This is something that shaving is unable to do as well as there may still be some small hairs remaining in the armpit depending on the type of blade you use.  Think of the “4 o’clock shadow”!  Waxing removes the hair, shaving just cuts it shorter.

Prepare yourself for special occasions: Think weddings, formal events and even the all-important Christmas party night.  These occasions often require a sleeveless or strapless dress meaning your underarm area is going to be on show.  Having some sign of hair or a stubble effect in the underarm can impact on the confidence of many women on occasions like this, so waxing will provide you with a clean and smooth finish, perfect for swinging those arms up in the air and hitting the dancefloor.

Benefits of waxing your underarm

As with anywhere else on the body, waxing your underarms has many benefits.  With the hair removed from the root, the growth of new hair slows down.  This means that the waxed underarm area can be hair free for anything from two to six weeks.  As waxing makes it longer for hair to grow back to the surface, you can look forward to spending less time preparing your underarm each morning and can finally put those blades in the bin.

When hair is pulled out at the root during the waxing process it actually damages the hair follicle resulting in thinner and finer hair growing back in its place (less noticeable in many cases).  Therefore it is important to continue with regular treatments of the underarm area as this will result in less growth in the area over time and fewer hairs coming through.  While waxing will never provide your underarm area with a permanent hair removal solution, it does however provide an efficient semi-permanent solution.

Benefits of professional waxing of underarms

Many women will try to undertake body waxing themselves and while this is possible for areas like the legs and even bikini area, the underarm area can provide some difficulties if you are wishing to do it yourself.  Waxing of the underarm area requires the use of both hands, something which is almost impossible if you plan to do it yourself.  Seeking the help of a professional like a beautician will allow the underarm area to be waxed effectively, providing you with best results and less problems.

Getting your underarm area waxed by a beautician also helps your skin in terms of preparation and after care, both important factors in reducing the irritation that can come about from waxing.  It’s important that the area that is to be waxed in prepared in the right manner as this will help reduce your discomfort as the procedure progresses.

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