Volume Eyelashes Full Set


Volume eyelash extensions offer you a full, better-than-falsies look that gives you some serious glamour and drama. Volume lashes (also known as Russian volume lash extensions) were invented by Russian technicians only recently. 

And involve applying a “fan” of lash extensions to one lash. So, instead of the 1:1 ratio of classic lashes, you may have a 1:3 or 1:5. This is how the luxurious volume is achieved! They give a thick strip lash look and are full glam! Although, do not be fooled, they may look thicker and heavier but in fact they weigh less than a classic eyelash extension so they actually feel lighter! Madness. 

2D, 3D, 5D define the number of lashes in each fan. So, if a lash look you like is “3D” it has a 1:3 ratio. 2D and 3D lashes give a natural, voluminous look, while higher volumes give a dramatic look. The highest volume you are likely to find is 10D – though this is an extreme falsie look!  

Volume lashes take around 2-2.5 hours to complete depending on the client.

  • Service Name Volume Eyelashes Full Set
  • Price £ 60
  • Time 90 minutes
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