Highly Defined Brows

So what are highly defined brows? These are not semi-permanent and are amazing for clients who 1)love the shape of their brows but want more definition or 2)someone who’s wanting to grow their natural hair and create a new shape. Highly defined brows can take time but your technician will use a variety of hair removal methods to create a sharp defined look. These can include waxing, threading and using tweezers. 

So what is the process? Your brows are mapped meaning they are mapped to match your face shape. This takes around 5-10mins and needs to be precise. Next, tint is added which fills out the brows and covers any parts of the brow area that need tint to stain the skin(this helps fill out the brow). Finally, waxing & plucking is used to tidy up the brows and then scissors are used to cut any unruly hairs. 

This lasts around 4-8 weeks depending on client. This process takes around an hour, here at ABBeauty we do not like to use much makeup with our highly defined brow look and instead invested in a strong tint.

  • Service Name Highly Defined Brows
  • Price £ 27
  • Time 35 minutes
  • Discount 0 %